Westminster Cowboy

Written, performed and produced by the Chief Cook and Bog Washer

Wake Up! (Spirit of '45)

Come to the Anti-May Day/ Workers Day Festival at The Pegasus in Wolverhampton

Mrs May

Video by Matt Butcher

Society Fair (True Land of Mine) by Tim Martin, based on Scarborough Fair

Video by Steve Randall at the WMA Summer School of Music

The Whistle Blowers' Song

Here's a film I made on Sony Vegas a few years ago, I got friends to send me pictures of themselves blowing whistles. You can hear my water bottle drum banging away as well - roughly to time. Of coiurse nowadays I sing Chelsea Manning.

The System of Gold

A video taken at the WMA Summer School by Steve Randall of me and Ingrid Gould performing another one of my songs "System of Gold"