14. Dec, 2016


Had a great time at Fletcher's on Sunday afternoon  (someone brought a double bass down)  On Monday evening I didn't do any solo stuff, but it was really good having a long session playing with Ingrid (see 'other stuff' on the menu bar for a video of us playing Lulu video by Mathew Butcher on his phone)

I'll be out carol singing tonight in the Loco Lounge, King's Heath with the lovely Birmingham Clarion Singers and afterwards doing one or two at the Sing Political - Political Song Session in a back room of The Prince of Wales in Moseley.

Thursday I'll be performing at the West Bromwich and Wolverhampton Trades Council Meeting at the Civic Centre in Wolverhampton.

I've got 3 songs sort of finished/being polished - as soon as I can get a decent recording of any, I'll post it.  The first one is 'Did anybody vote for Mrs May?' the second one is 'Thomas Spence' (about a very interesting but largely forgotten radical political activist and author at the turn of the century 18th to 19th Century).  He advocated votes for all women and men, rights for children, common ownership of land (rented out by the parish and the rental income used for all the community) - he also divised a system for teaching children with phonetics, published and sold his own works, token coins and many other important political tracts of the time..  The third song 'Denier' is a social comment on how many people with power are climate change deniers.