15. Dec, 2016

WB&WTUC here I come! + update

Really enjoyable day yesterday, went to see my lovely Mum as usual, but I was early so I got to sit with her in the lounge at Aldridge Court.  This was followed by a drive to King's Norton for a serious chin-wag jam session with Ingrid.  After putting the world to rights I went carol singing with the Birmingham Clarion Singers at the Loco Lounge in King's Heath (great larks Pip) and then down to the Prince of Wales for some political songs.  The politcal song session started with a South American/Spanish Theme so I did "Los Indignados" then 'Che Guervara' as the night progressed we seemed to wend our way back to the UK so I did 'Did Anybody Vote For Mrs May?"  It was a great evening and Dave Rogers performed a few great songs as well as the rest of the political songsters - Pam Bishop was on form with her concertina as well

Playing in Wolvo tonight at the WB&WTUC meeting