19. Dec, 2016

Last few gigs, carol singing and future events

I did a full set of folk based songs at Fletcher's Bar in King's Heath yesterday afternoon - which seemed to meet with general approval from the customers.  I started with "Someone of Words & Not of Deeds" then "Haul along me Jenny" (a song about a horse drawn narrowboat family), then did "Tom Spence" followed by "Don't Cut the Old Oak Tree Down", "Chop Cherry so Ripe", "Society Fair (True Land of Mine)", "The Bee-Boy's Song", "Semmerwater" & "Meg Merrilies".  A few people remarked on how much they enjoyed the set - which is always nice.

I'm hoping to get some folk gigs in the coming year - now I've written enough songs to do a decent sized set - so if you like my songs and can recommend me to, or email me details of, the event organisers of any up coming gigs or festivals, I'd be very grateful.

On Saturday, I joined my fellow basses and we sang carols as members of the lovely Birmingham Clarion Singers.  We were singing in the Tea Rooms at King's Heath Park (excellent fruit cake) and were collecting for SIRTA - Afterwards we retired to Chris and Jan's for a kazoo, swanee whistle and finger puppet extravaganser/party - there may have been some alcohol involved as well.

Thursday I did a gig for the WB&W Trades Council -who have been very supportive over the years.  It gave me a chance to sing one of my more demanding songs "The  Peasant Worker's Song" which takes you on a historical journey of political struggle in England and Wales, from the Peasant's Revolt up to modern times.  Of course its a bit selective, otherwise it would take all night to sing, it already takes a lot of effort just to memorise and sing all verses in sequence.

I'll be playing with Ingrid tonight (hopefully) so it might be our usuall mix of walzes and music from around the globe or if she wants to go solo, I'll do a few of my own songs - Come down to Fletcher's Bar in King's Heath, you might enjoy it...there are classical guitar players and my mate the great Sam Cornwell usually performs with his distinctive, percussive guitar style. - They also have Wainrights and Butty Bach (food of the Gods) on draught.

Thursday afternoon/evening I'll be doing a couple of songs in Walsall Art Gallery for Walsall City of Sanctuary