23. Dec, 2016

Coo What a day!

Woke up grumpy, with knee pain and tired, so moved the car and then went back to bed (same as yesterday).  I then realised I was doing a gig for Walsall City of Sanctuary (I know...its not a city, but its a national thing).  I also realised that I have very little non-political material to do with refugees, so I thought I'd better write something.  I quickly cobbled together a simple tune in 3/4 (probably nicked it from somewhere) but called it "Build a City of Sanctuary" and took it down to the New Art Gallery to perform at the event.  It was getting dark, windy and cold, the tea-lights kept going out, my battery amp wouldn't work, but undeterred we soldiered on.  We had a ukulele based trio, poets, speeches and I wrote the words to my song on  some white-board and performed it...to my amazement everyone joined in....I was dead chuffed!

Then it was off to Aldridge for a flying Mum visit (she doesn't really fly) followed by a trip to Pelsall Cricket Club, where they hold the "Common Folk" folk club ...I did 2 songs "Haul along me Jenny" and "The Bee-boy Song", both went down really well and to top it all I won a bottle of Stout in the raffle!  What a day!