4. Mar, 2017

Its been a long time

Its been a long time since I've managed to update this music blog, since then I've moved house to Brownhills to a special flat with my Mum (I'm her carer).  Musically things have been a little quiet apart from a few sessions at Fletcher's Bar in King's Heath and some local folk clubs.

My Mum, Zena, hasn't been well - which has added to the stress of moving.  Just over a week ago I was invited to a friend's birthday party in the Station pub in King's Heath.  A few people were performing and I had agreed to do a set with the excellent and very talented accordionist Ingrid Gould.  It had been a difficult day as we had to call a specialist medical team out due to Mum's UTI infection - it was touch and go whether I'd be able to get out to play or not.  Anyway, I managed to get Mum settled into bed and headed off down the Chester Road to Brum and the Station.  The function room was packed out and it was a great night with some really good performers on.  The Ingrid and Tim duo were down to play the final slot, so as the time neared I got my vintage ukulele case out, opened it up......and it was empty!  I looked up at Ingrid - who was standing behind the lid and couldn't see into the empty case - and said "I'm really, really, really, sorry, I've forgetten to bring my instrument". She just looked at me and smiled and said something like 'your'e not catching me out like that!"  I said "no, its not a joke, I've forgotten it!".  We both looked at each other in terror, what could we do?  Ingrid is a top musician, who could easily carry a solo performance at the drop of a hat, but she hadn't rehearsed and I think people were expecting some more singing.  My mate, top guitarist/vocalist, Sam Cornwell (who had already played his set) came up with a life saving idea.....take 2 strings off his guitar and it will be similar to my baritone ukulele (tuning).  We slackened off the E and A string and tried to get them out of the way with some blue tack.  The first song was pretty poor as the fret and string spacing was very different, but I managed to get through the night to a generous applause at the end.  The final song was performed with Tom Tierney standing next to me holding the E and A string out of the way as the kept getting tangled up with my hands!!  It was a relief not to let everyone down - especially Ingrid and Ian.  I'll always check my ukulele case now!  Ps. Thanks Sam!!

Although I'm a bit more restricted about doing day-time gigs, I'm still hoping to get out and about in the evenings and get some home recording done.