21. Mar, 2017

Back on-line

I've had a bit of trouble getting a reliable internet connection lately, but I'm hoping I've cracked it now. 

Went to Fletcher's last night and had a great time playing with Ingrid.  We played our usual eclectic mix of stuff - some composed by Ingrid, some by me and other stuff Ingrid has collected on her musical travels around the globe.  I love playing with Ingrid because she is such a fantastic musician and I spend all my energy and attention trying to stay in time, listening to what she's doing whilst imparting feeling and energy into the music - I do a lot of sound board slapping and some foot-stamping (being careful to miss Ingrid's tootsies ;0)  At the end of the night I sneaked back on and did a few blues numbers - something new for me - like Sam Cookes' "A Change is Gonna Come", "Frankie & Johnny", "The Valley of Fear" (one of mine) and "The Bee-boy's song" - not blues though.

Last week I was at Fletcher's on Monday and at the Willenhall Folk Club in New Invention - Its a great little club with lots of friendly people, I'd recommend it and hope to be there later tonight.  The week before I managed to get to Clarion rehearsal and then nipped down to The Prince of Wales in Moseley for the Political Song Session - another really interesting evening...get down there for the next one if you can!