1. May, 2017


I'm trying to work out a set list for tonight's gig at the May 1st/Worker's Day Festival at The Pegasus in Whitmore Reans.  I'd really like to do 'The Peasant Worker's Song' (here's a Soundcloud recording https://soundcloud.com/dogcatchicken/the-peasant-workers-song ) But I'm not sure how well it would go down - Its the right audience but a large noisy room and there is often lots of people talking at the bar.  The song decribes political struggle over the hundreds of years from the peasants revolt up to the present (sadly I had to leave out many events, particularly in Scotland just because the song was getting too long).  I've also got a new song which is a speeded up version of 'The Internationale' (with an extra verse or two) which I might do, but its always risky doing a 'new' one as it takes a while for them to 'bed in'.

Here's a picture taken Yesterday at Coffee 1 in King's Heath.  The picture is of some of the performers who play there, but only a few were there.  It was a nice relaxing afternoon and I mainly supported Ingrid - although I did get a request for 'Frankie & Johnny' at the end (I love it when I get requests that I can do).

Saturday, I sang with the lovely Clarion choir in King's Heath as part of the Worker's Day Celebrations - it always gives me a boost to be part of what 'The Clazzas' do.