29. Sep, 2017

Its been a long time

Its been a long time since my last blog post.  A lot's happened over the last few months and I've got a few things coming up:

A very dear friend of mine died of breast cancer in August  - We started going out together in the early 80's, lived together for many years and worked together and stayed good friends right up until she died.  Della was somebody who enabled me to change my life, was a guiding light, a touchstone and a comrade in mirth and fun. I'll miss her terribly as many will do.

Before she died she bequethed me some money and told me (she was quite ill at this time) "Less splishy splashy (crying) and more plinky plinky (playing music)"  So I've been trying to record some of my songs (I've written nearly 80) at The Shed Recording Studio in Burntwood.

Although home now. my Mum has deteriorated, so together with my grief at Della's illness and death, I haven't felt like, or had time to keep the blog and website up to date.

I have been out and about playing though and managed to get to the most excellent WMA Summer School of Music.  I've also written a few new songs - tried 2 of them out last night at Moor Green Allotment Club.

I'll be performing tonight at The All Saint's Cafe with Ingrid Gould - if you get a chance come down and have a cuppa.