6. May, 2018

Sad days

Since my last post my Mum, Zena, Died, then shortly afterwards my friend, bass player and sound engineer, Nick Thompson died, followed by my Uncle Jim.

I won't go into details about my Mum's death here, but it has all added to the grief I was already feeling for the loss my long time friend and previous partner Della Walker (Wiggins). 

We decided that I would officiate (be the celebrant) at my Mum's cremation service - I just didn't want a stranger doing it.  I found it a stressful but wonderful thing to do.  I would like to thank everyone that managed to come and especially my friend and fellow singer/song writer Tom Patterson who travelled up from Birmingham just to sing 'Coaly Tyne' one of my Mum's favourite songs (by Tom).  We used to sing it in the car on our shopping/fish and chip outings. 

I've been putting some new videos on youtube and this website as I've finally found some time - albeit due to the massive hole that's appeared where my caring duties used to be.  Many of the recordings were made by Nick thompson at 'The Shed' in Burntwood - I had many happy days recording and chatting to Nick.  I came to the recording studio one day and he told me "I came out to the studio the other night and put some bass on some of your tracks". - I think the bass playing is full of life and fun, showing Nick's warm intelligent character.

I have many fond memories of my Uncle Jim from when I was a child - both him and my Uncle Jack were both incredible fun and I must admit its where I learnt my skills at winding other people's children up to the chagrin of their parents - who then have to calm them down again.  Its only recently that I found out he was a fellow ukulele player and used to enjoy watching videos of me playing my political stuff - it made me very happy and proud to hear this. 

Just more recently I've been doing some gigs - Played at the Cheque-Mate Folk Club in Hopwas (Near Tamworth) as part of the Neon Collective Song Writers Sessions.  Yesterday I did a set for the Birmingham Trades Council (May day Event).  I performed three songs 'Piers Plowman' (a monster of a song that I sing from memoory - it covers the history of political struggles in England and Wales.  Of course there are many omissions) followed by 'Sprit of '45' and a new one 'Every Little Bit Helps'.  There was some confusion as I tend to lose all track of time, I looked at Ian Scott the President and signalled with my finger for one more more, he didn't respond straight away, so I put my thumb up to say 'enough' and he nodded his head (it turns out we got our wires crossed and I could have done another one.

I'm getting closer to getting some albums released but I'm moving back to Darlaston this week and my Uncle Jim's funeral is coming up, so hopefully after that.

Sorry if its a depressing blog post but that's life I suppose, just hope I get more time to write and perform music.