16. Apr, 2019

Blog Post

Its been a busy few weeks, recently I played a couple of slots at two local radio stations - Black Country Radio and BHBN - The first was through the NEON Song writer's Collective, and I played "Haul-along-me Jenny" and  "The Wheel of Life"  - was great fun, the second one is a hospital radio station with DJ Chris Friday, I got to play "K-I-S-S-I-N-G" "Haul along me Jenny" and "Who cares?" and had a good interview with Chris - sadly they haven't got a listen again facility.

Billy Spakemon has also been playing a few tracks off "The Magic Money Tree" EP on his excellent Sunday afternoon 'ommer & Chain Show - Black country Radio.  Fair play to him, as most radio stations seem unable to play anything remotely political these days.

I also did a performance for a Radical History Course run by Mike Jackson of the Erdington Lunar Society at Erdington library - It was really nice to play some of my more historical political songs to a friendly, attentative but discerning audience and of course answering qustions about the songs too.  The lecture was about Thomas Paine and one of my heroes, Thomas Spence ( a little known radical activist who came up with a plan for local community land ownership, Suffrage for Women, rights for children and a system for helping the needy in society - and all well before Marx)

It was quite an honour to have Birmingham Clarion Singers (the choir I sing in) do another one of my songs "Who cares?" - a song about carers - I was also given the opportunity to go and sing it with the wonderful striking Birmingham Homecare/enablement staff - both high points in my musical experiences.

I'm having to limit the amount of Folk Clubs I'm doing as I'm supposed to be clearing stuff out, downsizing and moving to a ground floor maisonette.- Its all a bit traumatic for a hoarder like me!