5 Track EP - Magic Money Tree

1. May, 2017

I'm trying to work out a set list for tonight's gig at the May 1st/Worker's Day Festival at The Pegasus in Whitmore Reans.  I'd really like to do 'The Peasant Worker's Song' (here's a Soundcloud recording https://soundcloud.com/dogcatchicken/the-peasant-workers-song ) But I'm not sure how well it would go down - Its the right audience but a large noisy room and there is often lots of people talking at the bar.  The song decribes political struggle over the hundreds of years from the peasants revolt up to the present (sadly I had to leave out many events, particularly in Scotland just because the song was getting too long).  I've also got a new song which is a speeded up version of 'The Internationale' (with an extra verse or two) which I might do, but its always risky doing a 'new' one as it takes a while for them to 'bed in'.

Here's a picture taken Yesterday at Coffee 1 in King's Heath.  The picture is of some of the performers who play there, but only a few were there.  It was a nice relaxing afternoon and I mainly supported Ingrid - although I did get a request for 'Frankie & Johnny' at the end (I love it when I get requests that I can do).

Saturday, I sang with the lovely Clarion choir in King's Heath as part of the Worker's Day Celebrations - it always gives me a boost to be part of what 'The Clazzas' do.


12. Apr, 2017


Had a great time at Coffee#1 in King's Heath on Sunday afternoon playing a few folk songs.  It was nice to see and hear Tom Patterson playing a few songs as well. Then I did some Duetting with Ingrid at Fletcher's on Monday night, we went though a repertoir of about 6 Waltzes and of course The Polar Bear (Ingrid Gould) and Lulu (Tim Martin). - It was fun anyway.

I'm hoping to get over to The Prince Of Wales in Moseley tonight for "Sing Political's"  Monthly political song session.  Its always a good night singing with other folk about putting the world to rights, definitely worth a visit.

On St Georges Day, Sunday April the 23rd, I'm hoping to do a set with Ingrid in King's Heath square.

May Day! May Day! - Its alright she wont be there!  I'll be performing at the Pegasus in Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton as part of the Workers Day Festival organised by The Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council.  There's plenty on and its all free, come on down for a good day out. - See the poster

12. Apr, 2017
3. Apr, 2017

I've been performing at the usual places: Willenhall Folk Club, The Potting Shed and Fletcher's - hope to get down there tonight.

I'll be playing on May the 1st at the Pegassus pub in Wolverhampton as part of the May/Worker's Day celebrations - more info to follow

Here's a lovely tea=-towel given as a present from Della and Nev, its not much revenge for the giant gnome I secretly hid in their garden last year!

21. Mar, 2017

I've had a bit of trouble getting a reliable internet connection lately, but I'm hoping I've cracked it now. 

Went to Fletcher's last night and had a great time playing with Ingrid.  We played our usual eclectic mix of stuff - some composed by Ingrid, some by me and other stuff Ingrid has collected on her musical travels around the globe.  I love playing with Ingrid because she is such a fantastic musician and I spend all my energy and attention trying to stay in time, listening to what she's doing whilst imparting feeling and energy into the music - I do a lot of sound board slapping and some foot-stamping (being careful to miss Ingrid's tootsies ;0)  At the end of the night I sneaked back on and did a few blues numbers - something new for me - like Sam Cookes' "A Change is Gonna Come", "Frankie & Johnny", "The Valley of Fear" (one of mine) and "The Bee-boy's song" - not blues though.

Last week I was at Fletcher's on Monday and at the Willenhall Folk Club in New Invention - Its a great little club with lots of friendly people, I'd recommend it and hope to be there later tonight.  The week before I managed to get to Clarion rehearsal and then nipped down to The Prince of Wales in Moseley for the Political Song Session - another really interesting evening...get down there for the next one if you can!