The cracks

The cracks between paving stones, get bigger every day

The pavement cracks get deep, and wider every way


The chasms getting broader and people slipping through

One day you see a neighbour fall - but just what can you do?


The cracks are getting larger we'll have to tip-tip-toe

If we tread on someone's fingers, they may cry before they go


They want us hopping , jumping, fighting for our lives

Then we haven't got the where-with-all to look into their eyes


And ask them how they feel, and is fair and true

And do they close their eyes and smile, when people just slip through?


The rich are getting richer and the cracks are getting wide,

One day we'll turn their world right up and see if they can slide

You faded from my time-line

You faded from my time-line

Too weak or confused to meet me in the twittersphere

Your Facebook posts diminishing to a few sporadic 'likes' then to 'hearts' then silence

Oh how I have dreaded this moment in time

When my true soul-mate's life spark is slowly extinguished

By the cruel disease and reaction to the toxic chemicals pumped in to fight it


You have been my love, my crutch, compardre, partner in fun and dispenser of wisdom

We drank the wine of life together in the heady days of our youthfulness

Although later apart, we stayed close, connected through the ethers

Anyone who knew you was truly blessed, as I am. This is my only way forwards now;

For your memory, heart and soul to live on in me – as you have changed me

For you to be always part of my aching, yearning, stuttering heart